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9:00am YouTube Worship
Springtime Sermon Series: “The Good Life”
This Sunday – Exodus 35:30-35 “My Favorite Things”
Mother’s Day Blessings! 
Through baptism all women are mothers in the faith. Take time today to give thanks for the woman or women who show you God’s love.
Sunday Message

First United Methodist Church, Meriden, CT – 9 May 2021

Exodus 35:30-35 “The Good Life – My Favorite Things” by Ric Hanse

Meet Bezalel

Bezalel the Israelite child of Egyptian slaves loved building things. Whenever he could, the boy would gather mud (that his parents and the other slaves used in brick making), sticks and rocks for his construction projects. Bezalel’s love for building and his construction skills grew as he grew up.
Years later Bezalel and the other Hebrews are free from Egyptian slavery. Moses comes down from Mount Sinai with laws from God, and instructions on how to build a very elaborate and large tent that would be the Israelites traveling worship center. But who will lead the building project?  Bezalel of course! (Read Exodus 35:30-35)

Greatness from God

God gives Bezalel a passion for building things that leads Bezalel to cultivate the skills and abilities needed to be a great builder. Now this great builder will do great things for God.

What Are Your Favorite Things?

What do you love doing?  What makes you come alive? I love pastoring. I am always working on improving my pastoring skills and abilities. I’m always learning and growing. Pastoring makes me come alive!

God Is Calling

What do you love doing? What makes you come alive? What skills and abilities do you need to keep improving so that you can keep doing what makes you come alive? No matter how good we are at what we love doing, we can always learn more, do better, and come alive more.

The Holy Spirit

Bezalel loved building. But all the complexities and intricacies of building the tabernacle: sorting materials, crafting components, teaching teachers who would teach apprentices, managing construction schedules, resolving conflicts, dealing with the hundreds involved in the building project made for one towering task – and it was all on Bezalel’s shoulders. Or was it? 
Before sending him out to build the tabernacle, God fills Bezalel with the Holy Spirit. The Spirit of God living in Bezalel gives Bezalel strength to hold on to what he loves, strength to remember what makes him come alive, strength to use his skills and abilities for building the tabernacle for God, whom Bezalel loves.

Something Larger

Before sending us out to use our skills and abilities to show others Jesus and His love, God fills us with
the Holy Spirit so that as we face challenges and difficulties, we will continue to come alive in joyful and persistent ways as use our skills and abilities for God’s glory. Lord Jesus, fill us with Your Holy Spirit so that we will use our skills and abilities in your world to show people Your saving love, and build a community of love, healing, and peace in Jesus’ name!
Daily Faith Builder
Saturday 8 May 2021

NOTE: The Daily Faith Builder will resume on Monday 17 May.

Truly my soul finds rest in God; my salvation comes from him. – Psalm 62:1
Happy Saturday! Please do not spend all of today doing chores or working. Please take some time to relax. God is inviting you to rest in God’s love. “Rest in me,” God will be saying to you throughout today. When our soul rests in God we allow the Lord to refresh us at our core. And that restoration spreads outward giving our minds renewed sharpness, our spirits restored balance, and our bodies rejuvenated strength. Resting in Jesus our God saves us from exhaustion.
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