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      Summer Message Series – A Summer with John Wesley
                 “Where Did You Wander Off To Now?” (Part 2)
                 Based on John Wesley’s Sermon “Wandering Thoughts”
Daily Faith Builder
Saturday 17 August 2019
17 The fruit of that righteousness will be peace; its effect will be quietness and confidence forever. – Isaiah 32:17
Do you sometimes feel as if your life is a swirling storm of busyness? Have you noticed that even when you try to take some time off your mind still swirls with stresses and concerns? Are you so used to a life of bustling activity that you prefer to be on the move rather than to be still and quiet and alone with your thoughts? We are addicted to busyness. But busyness is often driven by insecurity which fuels within us a need to please and to produce. Today, please ask God to to quiet your mind, spirit and body. It is in the quietness of God’s presence that our quiet confidence grows.  
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